Getting married is one of life’s biggest rites of passage. It’s easy to feel both excited and anxious about the commitment. Couples often go through a difficult period during engagement because there’s so much pressure on the relationship. Wedding planning and extended family issues can often add to the anxiety. Because you’re spending your life with your partner, each little conflict can mean so much more.

Whether you’re breezing through engagement or you’re struggling, premarital counseling is one of the best gifts you can give yourselves. Navigating life with another person takes basic relationship skills that no one teaches us; our biggest teachers are usually our parents. With current divorce rates at more than 40%, these skills can truly help you and your partner navigate the rough times and create a lasting love.

In our sessions together, we’ll focus on the following things:

  • Learning your unique “love language” as well as your partner’s
  • Understanding how to make your partner feel loved, and how your partner can make you feel loved
  • Naming and identifying your unique “negative dance” that results in fighting and distance
  • Learning how to interrupt your negative cycle, take space, and work towards a more peaceful and satisfying repair
  • Learning how to communicate deeper feelings and needs so your partner can hear them
  • Learning to better understand your partner’s nervous system and its needs
  • Discussing values and timing around having children
  • Talking about financial issues

My is to help you feel more confident in your connection together and to enjoy this incredible time in your lives. I look forward to connecting with you and invite your to schedule a free 20 minute consultation here.

“Matt is an extraordinary therapist. He is compassionate, kind, and is able to work with very deep experiences. He uses many different approaches to working with clients, but is always able to really get to what is at the heart of things.”
“Informed by the Hakomi method and mindfulness, Matt has a particular knack for understanding how to integrate experience into therapy, turning talk therapy into a therapy of change.”