You may be feeling lost, alone, experiencing depression or anxiety, or struggling in your relationship. While reaching out for help can be vulnerable it can also be the start of a profound healing process. I consider it an honor to sit with you and work together towards more understanding and wholeness.

From the first session, I focus on creating safety and trust in our connection together. I work hard to meet you where you’re at while keeping an eye on deeper themes and currents. My orientation is toward the present moment, and we’ll work together to develop mindfulness in our process. This is the moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, emotions, impulses, and sensations in the body.

With time we’ll explore, with compassion and curiosity, how deeper memories, beliefs, and feelings shape your habits and perceptions of the world. These are often unconscious and can be the driving force behind relationships patterns, addictions, and general suffering. We’ll work toward understanding their origins and healing wounds that may have occurred.

My approach is informed by Hakomi, attachment, mindfulness, neuroscience, trauma-focused and psychodynamic approaches.

 I look offer a free 20 minute consultation and I invite you to schedule a conversation here.

“Matt is an extraordinary therapist. He is compassionate, kind, and is able to work with very deep experiences. He uses many different approaches to working with clients, but is always able to really get to what is at the heart of things.”
“Informed by the Hakomi method and mindfulness, Matt has a particular knack for understanding how to integrate experience into therapy, turning talk therapy into a therapy of change.”